A Legendary Pokemon Car Goes Viral After Being Spotted in the Wild

When it comes to Pokemon, there are tons of sought-after collectibles on the market, and they [...]

When it comes to Pokemon, there are tons of sought-after collectibles on the market, and they aren't just trading cards. In fact, there are plenty of Pokemon rarities in the wild that could make a holographic Charizard card run screaming, and the ever-adorable Pokemon VW Bugs are on that list. So when one fan found such a car parked in the wild, well - fans began to freak out.

The post popped up over on Reddit here as the user MantaRayBoi saw the unthinkable at their local gas station. The fan snapped a photo of a Pikachu VW Bug which originally sold in 1999. Fans were quick to geek over the legendary find, and some extra context was given by a true PikaBug expert.

Grace, who is otherwise known as mewisme700 online, happens to own one of these rare cars as well. They provided a bit of context about the car after confirming this was an official Nintendo car that sold through FAO Schwartz back in the day.

"Just saw the license plate being NY. This one is the FAO Schwarz Pikabug. FAO sold two official Nintendo ones in 1999, however they were never owned by Nintendo," they wrote. "It's still owned by the original owner that bought it way back then. I'm shocked the tail is still intact, most original ones have rotted off due to the fact they were made of wood."

This kind of Pokemon find is insane to see out in the wild, and that is because so few of these exist. Only ten of these cards were made by Nintendo back in the day though some super-fans have made modern replicas of the car since. With this being an original 1999 find, you can imagine how much the car is worth today, so you might consider this ride to be the ultimate shiny pull.

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