Pokemon Takes Over TikTok with Viral Eevee Tattoo

When it comes to tattoos, people will get inked with just about anything, and plenty of them [...]

When it comes to tattoos, people will get inked with just about anything, and plenty of them dedicate pieces to their favorite franchises. This means Pokemon has been subjected to tons of tattoos over the years, and they seem to get more creative by the year. And now, TikTok is being overtaken by one of the best Pokemon tattoos to date.

The piece showed up recently thanks to the user pajamamamaiv. It was there the fan showed what kind of ink they had gotten recently, and it had to have hurt. After all, the tattoo was done in the crook of their elbow, and it makes it appear as if a PokeBall is opening to let loose an Eevee.


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You can see the tattoo come to life in the video above. It begins as a simple sketch and comes to light with lots of shading. As the tattoo nears its end, a full PokeBall is can be seen closed when the fan's elbow is closed. But when they straighten their arm out, the PokeBall opens to show an Eevee leaping out with colors surrounding them.

"Eevee is in black and white to fit the theme of my sleeve where all characters are surrounded by paint swirls of the character," pajamamamaiv shared with followers on TikTok. So as you can imagine, there is more on the way for this Pokemon fan's sleeve, so Eevee won't be solo for much longer.

Of course, this tattoo is one of thousands if not millions dedicated to Pokemon. From white ink to blacklight ink, there are tons of way to spice up a tattoo of your favorite monster. For myself, a watercolor piece of Vaporeon is the dream, but others might lean towards a traditional style. So if you have any Pokemon ink, well - it's time you joined the trend and showed it off on TikTok.

What do you think of this slick Pokemon tattoo? Would you ever want ink like this...? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.