Pokemon Latte Art Brings Gengar to Life

Pokemon is continuing to make some big moves not simply in the world of anime and video games, but [...]

Pokemon is continuing to make some big moves not simply in the world of anime and video games, but also in the realm of live-action with the franchise recently announcing that a television series is in the works at Netflix that will tell a new story in the world of the pocket monsters. With the franchise continuing to accelerate in popularity with the passing years, one fan has created some stunning art using a foam latte that highlights one of the strongest creatures in the long-running series in Gengar, the ghost-type Pokemon who has had a big role in the latest season of the anime.

In Pokemon Journeys, Ash Ketchum and his new friend Goh have been capturing some of the strongest creatures that they've ever encountered during their careers, including the likes of Dragonite, Suicune, and several others. Ketchum himself was able to capture the ghost-type Pokemon, Gengar, in a heartbreaking series of events in which the ghost/poison type creature was discovered that its past trainer saw it as a "curse," and was delighted to be free of it. With Ash encountering the Gengar a number of times, the spirit-like pocket monster dropped a Pokeball into Ketchum's hand and basically begged to join the protagonist's team. Since becoming a part of Ash's roster, Gengar has had plenty of battles to navigate through.

Twitter User Runa Pocket shared this insanely impressive latte art that not only is able to use the coffee bean-based drink to give us an image of Gengar, but also give us a three-dimensional take on the monster that has become one of Ash's strongest partners:

Currently, Ash and Goh are attempting to continue their quest in defeating the trainers of the Galar Region, with the likes of Bea and Leon presenting quite the challenge for the pair. With the latest arc seeing trainers around the world uniting in an effort to capture the mythical Pokemon known as Mew, it will be interesting to see if Gengar has a role to play in the near future.

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