Pokemon: An Olympic Match-Up Makes Pikachu and Raichu Go Viral

The world of anime, manga, and video games has made a number of appearances in the latest Summer [...]

The world of anime, manga, and video games has made a number of appearances in the latest Summer Olympic Games, thanks in part to taking place in Tokyo, Japan, and a recent hilarious coincidence had many thinking of Pokemon, specifically two of the most popular creatures in Pikachu and Raichu. Though the Olympics have been struggling with a number of controversies, including a number of protestors who believe that the games themselves shouldn't be taking place at all as the coronavirus pandemic rages on in the country and around the world, the Summer Olympics have continued to move forward regardless.

So how exactly do Pikachu and Raichu come into play with this year's Olympic games? During the Badminton competition during the Tokyo Games, two competitors representing the United States included Philip Chew and Ryan Chew, which appeared to many Japanese fans as Pikachu and Raichu when the badminton matches were aired. While the two electric-type Pokemon didn't officially appear in the games themselves, there were plenty of Japanese fans who could not wrap their minds around the coincidence of these two American competitors sharing names that are similar to those of Ash Ketchum's number one partner and his evolved state.

A number of Pokemon fans on Social Media shared their thoughts on the hilarious comparison as the Badminton matches of the Tokyo Summer Olympics continued, with Philip and Ryan Chew having names that were hilariously similar to those of the biggest electric type pocket monsters:

Pikachu has had a significant role to play in the latest season of Pokemon's anime, Pokemon Journeys, assisting Ash Ketchum in battling against a bevy of new foes as both Ketchum and his new friend Goh attempt to defeat the trainers of the Galar Region. In an earlier episode in the latest season, Raichu made an appearance as Ash's Pikachu was thought to have evolved, though it turned out the opposite was true.

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Via Sora News 24