Pokemon x Hatsune Miku Music Collab Announced

Pokemon is teaming up with vocaloid legend Hakune Miku on some new music.

It looks like Pokemon is ready to broaden its horizons. If you did not know, the IP has been busy as of late with its anime and video game releases. While Pokemon Horizons keeps anime lovers busy, gamers are counting down the days until Pokemon Scarlet and Violet drops its first DLC. There is no denying how busy The Pokemon Company is, and now Hatsune Miku is making the schedule even bigger thanks to a special collaboration.

Oh yeah, you heard right. Hatsune Miku is bringing her iconic voice to Pokemon. Earlier today, reports from Japan announced the voicaloid's collaboration with Pokemon, and we learned what the musical crossover will entail.

As it turns out, this Hatsune Miku x Pokemon project is an album. The collab is being called Project Voltage, and it will feature 18 different tracks. The songs will come complete with music videos starring Hatsune Miku as well as various Pokemon. As for the songs themselves, they will feature sounds from the Pokemon games.

It also won't be long before Project Voltage goes live. The album is slated to drop on Friday, September 29th. Given the album art for this collab, we are hoping Hatsune Miku does some singles with Farfetch'd. The Pokemon has a pretty raspy voice in the anime, but we're sure Hatsune Miku could make it work in a song.

Obviously, Hatsune Miku's collab with Pokemon has fans excited, and that is hardly surprising given how big vocaloids have become. The Japanese idol popularized the field of virtual idols, and now that concept has blown up. From singers to actors and even v-tubers, Hatsune Miku put them on the map with their launch. Now, the vocaloid is teaming up with Pokemon, so we're eager to hear their collab album.

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