Pokemon Live-Action Drama Announced

Pokemon has a live-action drama in the works starring a former member of J-pop group Nogizaka46.

It looks like Pokemon is moving ahead with a big new project. While the company finishes up its first round of DLC for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet behind the scenes, new reports have Pokemon fans looking to the television. After all, TV Tokyo confirmed it has a Pokemon live-action drama in the works, and it will debut this October.

According to the new report, the live-action drama is considered to be a first of its kind. The show, which will be called Fill Your Pockets With Adventure, it set to debut on October 19th. It is being touted as a Pokemon human drama as the main character is a human who tackles the challenges of adulthood with Pokemon on hand. So if you want a brief rundown of this drama's story, keep on reading!


The new Pokemon series will tell the story of Madoka Agaki, a recent college graduate who quits her job in a port town to move to the bustling city of Tokyo. It is there Madoka joins an advertising agency focused on adventure. As she begins working, Madoka finds herself disillusioned by life in the city, but things take a turn when her mom sends a care package. The box contains Madoka's old Game Boy with Pokemon Red included, and our heroine soon discovers some important life lessons from the hit game.

As for the show's case, we know Madoka will be played by a familiar face. Nanase Nishino will bring the heroine to life, and J-pop fans will know the girl as a former member of Nogizaka46.

"I was surprised to receive this offer just days after I'd told a friend that I'd like to work on something related to Pokémon someday," Nishino about her Pokemon gig in a new statement. "I'm very happy because I'm part of the generation that grew up with Pokémon, having played most of the series from the first to the latest."

"As the title suggests, the theme of the game is adventure, so you will be able to watch Madoka and her friends evolve over the course of their adventures. If you've played Pokémon before, you'll enjoy this show because it's peppered with little tidbits that will make you think 'This is nostalgic'. I think you will enjoy these little tidbits that are scattered throughout."

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