Pokemon Journeys May Be Ready to Evolve Ash's Pikachu

Pokemon Journeys made a promise to fans awhile back as it vowed to do things no other series had done before. With Ash and Goh at its side, the show has held up its bargain time and again. The show isn't afraid to push back against the stereotypes associated with the Pokemon anime, but a new synopsis may be taking it too far. After all, the blurb says Ash's Pikachu is going down a road to evolution, and it isn't sitting well with fans.

It wasn't long ago fans were treated to the synopsis of Pokemon Journeys episode 35. It was there fans learned Ash and Goh are going to visit a Pikachu Outbreak, and that is where Ash's best friend will finally evolve into a Raichu. You can read the staggering synopsis below:

"A lot of Pikachu have been digging Thunderstones out of the rock face and used their power to evolve into Raichu... and then Ash's Pikachu finally evolves into a Raichu as well thanks to a Thunderstone discovered by a very obliging female Pikachu," the blurb reads in part (via Anipoke Fandom).

pokemon journeys raichu pikachu

As you can imagine, this description has got fans buzzing, and they have lots of big questions about the upcoming episode.Pokemon Journeys has not signaled Pikachu's interest in evolution, and the starter has never been eager to do so in the past. This new blurb does appear to question whether the Thunderstones being dug up are real, and that might be Pikachu's saving grace. These phony rocks could give Pikachu an idea of what being a Raichu is like, and then the monster can return to his former self once he is done.

What do you make of this cheeky Pokemon synopsis? Have you ever wanted Ash's Pikachu to evolve...? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!