Pokemon Journeys Saves Ash's Pikachu from Evolving with a Twist

Pokemon Journeys had fans all up in arms this past week when a certain synopsis showed up. Netizens were taken aback when it was teased Pikachu might be evolving into a Raichu despite its insistence to the contrary. Of course, fans were immediately suspicious such an evolution would come to pass, and they were spot-on with the prediction.

The latest episode of Pokemon Journeys went up earlier today, and fans overseas kept a close eye on Pikachu. Ash and Goh stumbled upon a small Pikachu Outbreak after the latter wanted to catch a Pikachu of their own. Goh did find the perfect Pikachu partner with one feisty lady, but things got intense when the girl tried to make Pikachu evolve.

As you can see below, Pokemon Journeys tried to fake out fans with a scene implying Pikachu evolved unwittingly. Even Ash was convinced, but the scene ended with the quick revelation that all was well. Later in the episode, fans learned Goh's new Pokemon chose to evolve into a Raichu, and Ash's best friend was able to forego such a transformation.

Now, it seems the duo stands together with a Pikachu and Raichu at their side. Goh is eager to train up their new Pokemon, and the lady makes a great addition to the group. Even Sobble and Raboot seemed to get along with the girl even if Pikachu was wary at first. After all, she did almost evolve the fella into a Raichu, but the empty threat worked out for the best.


Now, Pokemon Journeys is ready to move on to a new episode. The anime's next update is expected to follow Ash and Goh into a desert where rumors run amok about Flygon. So if that comes to pass, fans are hoping Ash leaves the upcoming episode with a Flygon in his party!

Are you glad to see Ash and Pikachu untouched by this episode? Does Goh have what it takes to handle a Raichu? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.