Pokemon Anime to Air Special About Suicune... But There's a Catch

When it comes to the Pokemon anime, fans have been keeping a close eye on the series for some time. After all, the release of Pokemon Journeys put fans on the edge as they waited to see if the experimental season would pay off. It turns out the anime has worked better than fans expected, and it seems a special episode is coming for the anime with a catch.

And what could that catch be? Well, it turns out you won't be able to see the special episode without being in Japan. The short, which will star Suicune, is expected to screen exclusively in Japan at various planetariums.

For those needing a bit more information on the special, news of the Pokemon special came from Japan this week. A report confirmed an episode titled "The Message from the Aurora" is in the works at The Pokemon Company. This episode will feature Suicune along with Ash and Goh, but their big adventure can only be seen in select Japanese planetariums as it has no plans to stream online.

The good news here is that this episode is slated to air for the next few years. Fans in Japan will be able to check out the special starting this September but international fans can make plans to travel to Japan if they want to watch the special. Traveling internationally is much easier said than done nowadays, but the Pokemon special will be airing at planetariums long after pandemic-centric travel bans are over.

As for this special, it seems to follow Ash and Goh as they explore how Suicune is connected to auroras. You can read its current synopsis below: (via AniPoke Fandom)

"When the sun enters a new cycle, there's a chance the legendary Pokemon Suicune - known as the Aurora Pokemon - will appear! Ash and Goh head to Aurora Village on a mission as the Sakuragi Laboratories' research fellows to investigate the connection between Suicune and auroras.


What awaits them there are encounters with Ema, a girl whose father is an Aurora researcher, and with lots of Pokemon that live in the snowfields. But then the Rocket Gang show up before them, trying to get Pikachu! Will they be able to safely reach the aurora and encounter Suicune?!"

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