Pokemon's Rarest Films May Return to DVD Soon

Pokemon has more than 20 films under its belt by now, but some of them are more precious than others. While the first film still stands the test of times, other hits have become difficult to find. But thanks to a new report, fans will be able to get their hands on four of Pokemon's notoriously shy movies.

Yes, that is right. The fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh Pokemon movies are slated to return to home video shortly. The report surfaced online after product promos for the DVD packs went live. It seems Miramax and Paramount Pictures will release the four Pokemon movies on DVD on September 22.

At this time, it is not know whether the movies will only be sold separately. There could be a four-pack bundle offered, but there are few details about the products right now. Still, fans are happy to see these four films on a release schedule period as The Pokemon Company isn't often able to check on these movies.

pokemon 4ever
(Photo: The Pokemon Company)

For those curious about the dilemma here, these four films are different from every other Pokemon movie thanks to their distribution rights. Their affiliation with Miramax and Paramount Pictures makes it very difficult for The Pokemon Company to stream the films whenever. In the United States, these four Pokemon movies are never optioned for streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime. Not even Disney XD was able to secure screening rights for Pokemon marathons back in the day, so these new DVDs will help new fans check out the films.


Of course, there are existing DVDs of these movies available, and they can be bought secondhand at various retailers. The thing die-hard fans want most of all is a Blu-ray release for these four Pokemon films, but that doesn't seem to be in the works right now. So here's to hoping a better home video bundle comes along before too-too long.

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