New Pokemon Journeys Poster Doubles Down on Sobble Theory

Pokemon Journeys has been busy the past few weeks with new episodes, and it seems that trend isn't about to stop. After having gone on a short hiatus due to the ongoing pandemic, the Pokemon anime is making things up to fans with a slew of long-awaited episodes, but one poster has fans confused about a certain theory of theirs.

Recently, a poster went live in Japan teasing the future of Pokemon Journeys. The colorful artwork shows Ash and Goh jumping forward with Poke Balls cocked in their hands. Some of their Pokemon can be seen standing before them, but Sobble appears to be siding with Goh rather than Ash like many expected.

You can see the poster for yourself below and make a call for yourself. Ash can be seen to the righthand side with Riolu, Gengar, and Pikachu before him. These are all Pokemon on his team, and he is even joined by other recent catches like Farfetch'd and Dragonite.

On the other hand, Goh can be seen with two Pokemon in front of him. Raboot is easy to spot and is joined by Sobble who is at his side. This placement has fans more convinced than ever that their theories about Ash catching the Galarian starter were wrong. After all, Pokemon is pretty straightforward when it comes to posters, and this clue is hard to ignore. Fans will have to wait for the next episode of Pokemon Journeys to get an official answer... but this promo art seems to be giving fans a clear heads up.

At the end of the day, it is up to Sobble to decide which trainer they should go with. If they should choose Goh, there is no doubt the Pokemon has a reason. Ash will most certainly recover from the slight, and hey - that leaves the all-star trainer open for a certain Grass-type starter whenever Grookey shows up!


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