Pokemon Journeys Teases Details About Iris and Ash's Match

Pokemon Journeys is set to bring back not only several familiar pocket monsters that makeup Ash Ketchum's ever-expanding roster, and his former travel companion Iris isn't just making her grand return but will be battling against her long-time friend. With Iris apparently continuing her journey in becoming a Dragon-Type trainer, it seems as if fans of the anime series are in store for a Dragonite showdown, as Ash continues his worldwide trek to not only become one of the greatest Pokemon trainers in the world but also battle against the trainers of the Galar region.

In the upcoming episode titled, "Ash's Challenge: A Battle Against Iris With Advancement To The Pokemon Hyper Class On The Line", both Iris and Ash will be battling against one another to determine which of their Dragonites can claim victory of the other:

Pokemon Iris Ash
(Photo: OLM Inc)

"Iris is one of Ash's former travel companions and uses Dragon-Type Pokemon. Ash takes her on using two Dragon-Type Pokemon himself as well. This is a super fierce battle where landing "super effective" attacks will be really easy. Who will win?"

Over the long history of Ash's journey to becoming a master Pokemon trainer, he has switched up his roster depending on the region in which he is traveling. This has made for quite the stable of powerhouses in his teams, and it will be interesting to see if any of his old partners are brought to the forefront once again during his upcoming matches. With Leon of the Galar Region still being his ultimate goal, Pokemon Journeys has been planting the seeds for multiple big storylines as the anime continues.

With many characters such as Iris and Gary Oak set to return to the animated series, there are plenty of other characters that ran into Ash on his journey that fans would love to see make a big comeback.

2021 will be a big year for Pokemon not just thanks to the anime series, but with the arrival of the twenty-third feature-length film in the franchise in Pokemon: Secret Of The Jungle. Introducing a new mythical Pokemon known as Zarude and a mysterious young jungle dweller, it seems as if Ash will have some insane new challenges coming his way.

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