Pokemon Journeys Synopsis Confirms Iris' Comeback

Pokemon Journeys is moving along in Japan as always with new episodes each week, and more are on the way. As you can imagine, all eyes are on the show to see what's coming next for our leads, and it seems Ash is about to be reunited with a familiar face. After tons of rumors, the return of Iris is official, and fans are geeking out hardcore over the comeback.

The whole thing came to light with the latest Pokemon Journeys synopsis. After rumors surfaced about Iris' comeback, things came to a head when this new promo revealed its design for Iris. The throwback moment has been years in the making, so you can understand why netizens are so hyped.

It has been eight years since Pokemon has visited Iris, so a lot has changed since she saw Ash last. She is known as one of the most powerful trainers of her region following her travels with Ash. And of course, our hero is still living the high life with Pikachu. Ash is mentoring Goh while he works with his new team to prepare for a battle with Leon. Now, Ash will have the chance to pit his Dragonite against Iris, so there is no telling who will win.

This new Pokemon Journeys episode is expected to air on April 30, so fans have a while to wait before it goes live. Netflix has yet to update when its next bunch of episodes will come online for fans overseas, but there is a question of whether more will come at all. The last batch of episodes on Netflix was labeled as the final ones for Pokemon Journeys, so the show could be moving. Or more than likely, it seems the anime will be rebranded as a new series for its upcoming episodes.

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