Pokemon Journeys Synopsis and Stills Preview Iris' Comeback

Pokemon Journeys has seen both Ash Ketchum and his new pal Goh collecting some of the strongest pocket monsters roaming their world today, and it seems like they are going to be put to the test with the return of a Gym Leader from the days of Pokemon Black And White in Iris. With the Gym Leader specializing in training Dragon Type Pokemon, she will certainly be well equipped in battling against Ash, as the main trainer of the series currently has one of the strongest Dragons in the world currently at his disposal with Dragonite being captured earlier in the season.

The official description for Pokemon Journeys Episode 65, reveals that not only will Irish be making a comeback, but she'll be pitting her strongest creatures against Ash and his roster of Pokemon brawlers:

"Ash, who is participating in the Pokemon World Championships aiming for a battle with the strongest champion Leon, has won against many strong opponents and has now reached 184th place in the superclass. Meanwhile, an invitation for a battle arrives for Ash from a friend in Iris, who once traveled with him. Iris, who was on a training trip with his partner Pokemon Axew aiming to become a dragon master, apparently returned to the Unova region. It seems that she has entered the Pokemon World Champions and Ash and Goh immediately visit the region again."

Twitter User Anipoke Fandom shared not only the description for the upcoming episode of Pokemon Journeys, but still images that confirm that Iris is set to make a comeback and she is bringing a duel of dragons along with her for Ash to overcome:

Pokemon Journeys hasn't just been the story of Ash, it has also followed the young trainer Goh as he captures some insane creatures to add to his roster, with him recently capturing the Legendary creature known as Suicune. With the pair of trainers attempting to defeat Leon in the Galar Region, it's clear that they still have some training to do to get ready for what might be the biggest battle that either of them has ever faced.


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