Pokemon: Iris Voice Actor Breaks Silence on Her Comeback

Iris' voice actor has broken her silence over the character's return to the Pokemon anime [...]

Iris' voice actor has broken her silence over the character's return to the Pokemon anime franchise in a future episode of Pokemon Journeys: The Series. When the anime showed off the third iteration of its opening theme sequence, there were several major teases about what was going to come in the next episodes. One of the biggest teases coming out of this was the return of Iris, who was Ash Ketchum's companion during the Black and White era of the anime. Though her return was not really set in stone just yet, the series has officially confirmed that Iris will be returning in full.

Voice actress behind Iris, Aoi Yuuki, opened up about Iris' return to the Pokemon anime franchise for the first time in seven years with a statement through Pokemon Journeys' official Twitter account, and while she's excited for her return by the sounds of things it seems like this is going to be a one-time kind of return like many of the other characters we have seen thus far.

Yuuki's statement about her return (as translated by @DogasusBackpack on Twitter) begins as such, "I am so honored to take part in the [Pokemon] animated series, as Iris, for the first time in about seven years! I know that for some of you this will be your first time meeting Iris but don't worry -- this episode is so jam packed with everything that makes Iris and Dragon-Type so great and so I hope you'll take this chance to fall in love with Iris and all her partner Pokemon."

Continuing further, her statement seems to further tease this will be a one and done return, "And I hope those of you who had been eagerly awaiting Iris' return will also tune in since you'll be able to feel just how much Iris has grown since the last time we saw her. Seeing Satoshi and Iris together again in the [Pokemon anime] after all this time is sure to be an event that'll make your hearts go pitter-patter with excitement."

But what do you think? Are you excited to see Iris return to the Pokemon anime? What are you hoping to see with her return? Where does she rank among your favorite companions in the anime overall? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!