Pokemon Journeys Synopses Tease Ash's Next Missions

Pokemon Journeys has been upfront about its love of nostalgia, but Ash hasn't been stuck doing the same old thing in this series. The new season has broken all sorts of Pokemon tropes, and it has made fans even more intrigued by the anime. Of course, that means fans around the world are keeping a close eye on where the show is going, and a new set of synopses have gone live teasing Ash's next big adventures.

Recently, translator Dephender turned around three new synopses for Pokemon Journeys for English-speaking fans. Twitter user Anipoke Fandom shared these blurbs with fans, and ComicBook has broken down the three descriptions below:

When it comes to episode 37, fans will be reunited with some familiar faces in Alola. Ash and Goh are set to visit the tropical region, and one of them is feeling a bit shier than usual. "Ash and Goh have come to Melemele Island in the Alola region to get an Alolan Exceggutor. Ash goes around reuniting with Professor Kukui, the students from the Pokemon School he used to attend, as well as his Pokemon. But since this is Goh's first time meeting them all, he's a bit nervous," the synopsis reads.

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For episode 38, fans will check in on the pair as they meet up with Koharu. The trio embarks on a Jurassic mission, and one of the trainers is going to leave with an Aerodactyl.

"Ash and Goh are attending the Great Fossil Pokemon Exhibit being held at the Museum of Science in Pewter City, and Goh's childhood friend Chloe has come with them since this can be of help with her research project... Goh searches like a madman since he really wants to get a fossil Pokemon, but what he ends up finding is aa bit of secret amber that a has some Pokemon DNA contained in it," the blurb reads.

Finally, episode 39 will bring Ash around to a familiar gym leader who he wants to beat. Bea is slated to make a return when Ash asks for a rematch, but the word is out on whether Riolu will win.


"Ash wants a rematch with the Gym Leader Bea from the Galar region, who utterly defeated him in their official Pokemon World Championships Battle... Ash and Riolu are burning with a desire to win this rematch and attempt a certain counterstrategy."

What do you think about these new Pokemon Journeys synopses? Do any of the episodes sound like hits to you? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.