Pokemon Journeys Promo Confirms a Gym Leader's Comeback

Pokemon Journeys has been fascinated by nostalgia since it began last year, and the anime is still obsessed with such throwbacks. Time and again, Ash has run into trainers or battles that make him think back to his first days on the road. Now, it seems the anime is ready to take Ash back to the past as another trainer prepares to make a comeback, and this gym leader should be familiar to a great many fans.

After all, there are few trainers who have shown up as consistently as Chuck. The fighting-type gym leader has taken part in several video games to date, and Pokemon Journeys is eager to check in on the Cianwood legend.

Fans were let in on Chuck's comeback recently when a brand-new synopsis went live for Pokemon Journeys. A blurb was released for the episode debuting on September 27, and it was there fans learned Bea would return to the show with Chuck at her side.

"Ash wants a rematch with the Gym Leader Bea a from the Galar region who utterly defeated him in their official Pokemon World Championships battle, so he has gone to the Cianwood Gym in the Johto region where she is currently training. Saito accepts his challenge and the battle starts with Goh and Cianwood Gym's leader Chuck watching," the blurb reads (via Anipoke Fandom).


As you can see above, the synopsis will follow Ash and Goh as they pay a visit to the Cianwood Gym. Bea has gone there to train under Chuck, and it is no surprise she would seek out his help. The Johto trainer is renowned for his skill, and he's appeared in several games as such. Now, Chuck is ready for his anime comeback, and fans are eager to see Ash reunite with the trainer even if Bayleef isn't with him these days.

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