Pokemon Journeys Releases Teaser for Ash's Alola Trip

Pokemon Journeys has been on a hot streak since it debuted last year. The hit season has done some things fans never thought the Pokemon anime would do, and its refreshing arcs have impressed fans worldwide. Now, the show is getting ready to wow once more since Ash is about to travel back to Alola, and a preview has gone live for the big trip.

Recently, Pokemon Journeys put out a new episode, and the release was paired with a very special promo. The clip teased fans about the show's next episode, and it happens to be the one that reintroduces Alola to audiences. As you can imagine, fans were hyped to see the teaser, and you can check out the short clip below if you'd like!

As you can see, the promo is a short one coming in at just over thirty seconds. It begins with an Exeggcutor and Ash's excited rambling. The boy tells Goh that the Alola region has a different version of Exeggcutor that is seriously tall. Goh is game to check out such a Pokemon, and Ash is more than happy to act as his friend's tour guide around Alola.

The promo continues with Ash reuniting with a slew of characters. Not only is the boy able to check in with Professor Kukui, but all of his Pokemon from Alola are eager to greet their trainer. It doesn't take long before Ash is greeted by his old Pokemon School classmates like Mallow, but one of his friends has an issue with Goh.


In fact, Kiwae appears to challenge Goh to a battle, and the skirmish will be a must-watch. After all, Goh still has much to prove as a trainer, and Kiwae wants to make sure his friend Ash isn't held down by dead weight on his new adventure!

How hyped are you for this big trip to Alola? What do you want to see from this new Pokemon Journeys episode? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.