Pokemon Celebrates the Anime's 22nd Anniversary in the States

It may be hard to believe, but Pokemon has been around for well over twenty years by now. The franchise debuted in the late 1990s with its video games and anime ready to go. While fans in Japan were able to watch the Pokemon anime ahead of U.S. fans, it did not take long before the show came to the States. And as of this week, Pokemon is celebrating its 22nd anniversary in the United States!

For those needing a bit of brush up, Pokemon made its way to the U.S. on September 7, 1998. The anime came to life on TV with a special sneak-peek of "Battle Aboard the St. Anne". The anime was a hit from the start, and Pokemon's full debut later in September 1998 went on to become a huge success.

After more than twenty years, Pokemon has been through a lot of change in the States. The anime has enjoyed rises and falls with its most recent season being a rise for many. From new voice actors to new networks, Pokemon has dealt with it all, and the original actress behind Ash Ketchum is honoring the milestone over on Twitter.

"Wow! Where has the time gone?? The episode that started us all on this wonderful journey... Stay safe out there, trainers. I choose you! (and I always will) Thanks for filling my life with so much joy," Veronica Taylor assured fans.


As you can imagine, fans are emotional over the anniversary whether they are still part of the Pokemon community. The franchise was an integral part of childhood for millions upon millions of kids. Whether you watched on WB Kids or Cartoon Network, the Pokemon anime was a gateway for many into geek culture, and the show continues to reel in new fans today with series like Pokemon Journeys and Pokemon: Twilight Wings.

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