Pokemon Journeys Release New Trailer For Masters 8's Tournament

Ash's time as the lead character in Pokemon's anime has spanned decades, with the trainer coming closer than ever to achieving his dream of becoming the number one trainer in the world. With Pokemon Journeys releasing a new trailer for the final battle of the Masters 8 Tournament, which will see Ketchum square off against current world champion Leon and might just bring Ash's tenure as the protagonist of the series to a close and hand off the baton.         

Ash has come a long way in the latest season of Pokemon's anime, following his major victory in the Alola Region Tournament during Sun And Moon, taking a world tour wherein he gained a new partner in Goh and achieved his dream of becoming one of the top eight in the Masters 8 Tournament. Winning all of his battles, Ketchum is now set to face Leon in a one-on-one that might just make Ash the top trainer in the world. With Ash remaining the anime protagonist for over two decades and over one thousand episodes, fans have been debating whether this season might be his last as the main character.

The Official Pokemon Anime Account shared a brief trailer that gives anime fans a first look at the battle that will bring the Masters 8 Tournament to a close, and might very well not just crown Ash Ketchum as the top trainer of the world, but might also act as the perfect springboard to giving us a brand new Pokemon protagonist:

While the final episode for Pokemon Journeys has yet to be confirmed, it's clear that the final stretch is underway as this year's Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet on the Nintendo Switch will introduce trainers to a new region that will most likely make its way eventually to the small screen. Whether Ash will be the one to introduce viewers to this new locale is a different story altogether however.

Do you think this final battle will bring Ash's tenure as the anime's protagonist to a close? Do you think that Ketchum will manage to defeat Leon to become the new world champion? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of Pokemon.