Pokemon Journeys Hypes Ash's Finals Match Against Leon

Pokemon Journeys is getting ready for Ash Ketchum's grand finals match against Leon with some cool new art and the synopsis for their big showdown! Ash had been working his way up through the World Coronation Series through the newest iteration of the anime so far just for the chance of having an actual battle with the world champion Leon after the two of them had a Gigantamax showdown on their first meeting. Now after quite a lot of work and battling up through the Masters Tournament, Ash will actually be able to get his chance of taking on the undefeated champion.

Ash has made it to this point in several major tournaments in his past, and had even become the proper Alola League Champion, but this is a major turning point for the young master to be. Ash has his first real opportunity of becoming the world champion if he can defeat Leon, but as the promotional materials for the upcoming battle have teased, it's going to be his biggest challenge not only in this series but maybe the entire anime franchise to date at this point. Check out the cool new art hyping up Ash and Leon's battle below as spotted by @AnipokeFandom on Twitter):

Episode 129 of Pokemon Journeys is titled "Final I – Torrent," and the synopsis for the episode (also spotted by @AnipokeFandom) teases it as such, "The finals of the Masters Tournament finally begin. [Ash] is enthusiastic about having an official match against [Leon], who has always been his goal. The excitement of the crowd is at its peak for the match between absolute champion [Leon] and [Ash], who has overcome all odds and reached this far. In the midst of this, [Leon] came up with a proposal...? As his former comrades and rivals watch, the decisive battle for the summit begins." 

The battles in the Masters Tournament so far have been pretty intense, so it's curious to see that Leon wants to raise the stakes a bit. There's a good chance that Ash will be able to use all of the tricks and power ups at his disposal (when before it was only a single one available according to the rules), and that should make for an explosive final battle for the two champions. 

What do you think Ash's actual odds of winning this battle against Leon are? Do you think he can pull out a victory at the end of the Masters Tournament? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!