New Pokemon Journeys Trailer Teases Mudkip, Lucario, and More

Pokemon Journeys has put a new spin on the familiar journeys of Ash Ketchum, placing him into the role of a champion who is seeking to build up his roster of pocket monsters like never before, and it seems that a preview for upcoming episodes shows that quite a few old and new Pokemon will be making their presences known! With several images being shown that hint at the arrival of Lucario, Mudkip, Zapdos, and more, it will be interesting to see how these Pokemon will play into the current story line that sees Ash and Goh attempting to defeat the Galar Champion in Leon!

One of the big arcs that is coming up in Pokemon Journeys is the story line dubbed "Sword & Shield", bringing in numerous elements from the Galar Region and the recently released successful Nintendo Switch exclusive game. The two main legendary Pokemon of this entry, Zacian and Zamazenta, represent the aforementioned "Sword and Shield", won't be alone in the future of this new story line, as an upcoming feature length film, Pokemon: Coco, will be introducing a terrifying ape-like pocket monster with Zarude. Though the movie was delayed from this summer as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, it is still set to be released later this year and place Ash and Pikachu into a jungle like environment!

Twitter User Anipoke News shared a number of Pokemon images that show off the new and familiar characters that will be returning across the path of Ash Ketchum as he attempts to continue his journey to become one of the greatest trainers that the world has ever seen:

Ash's roster of Pokemon is perhaps the strongest that he's ever seen, but it wasn't enough for him to ultimately defeat the Galar region trainer known as Bea, causing him to have to rethink his strategy moving forward. With the likes of Dragonite, Gengar, and more at his disposal, it will be interesting to see how Ketchum continues to improve now that he is officially a Pokemon Champion!

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