Pokemon Journeys Puts Goh to the Test in Legendary Battle

Pokemon Journeys: The Series just put Goh to the test in a major battle with a Legendary Pokemon! Pokemon Journeys recently made its jump to a brand new time slot (marking only the third time slot change in the entire anime's series thus far) and with it brought back a major Legendary from the Red and Blue video games. With Ash and Goh currently residing in the Kanto region as a home base this season, it's provided a number of opportunities to interact with older Pokemon and that's especially case for the latest Legendary in the series, Zapdos.

Zapdos made its big return to the anime franchise (confirming the appearance of the Legendary Bird trio first teased in the updated opening theme), and while Ash Ketchum managed to fight against the Legendary with Pikachu, the real crux of the battle came down to Goh with the rookie trainer almost even catching the Legendary at the end of the episode.

Battling together with Raboot and Flygon, Goh manages to land a couple of decisive hits on Zapdos. While Raboot was overpowered at first, it ends up leveling to the point where it can use Blaze Kick and strikes Zapdos directly. It even looks like Goh is going to make a successful catch too...

Although Zapdos does break out of the Poke Ball that Goh throws at it, it probably would not have surprised fans to see Goh catch the Legendary considering how easily the rookie trainer has managed to catch Pokemon in the past. Soon Goh will have another opportunity at a Legendary as Pokemon Journeys gets ready for its upcoming Darkest Day arc based on Pokemon Sword and Shield.

How did you feel about Goh's battle against Zapdos in Pokemon Journeys: The Series? Did you think Ash or Goh was going to be able to catch the Legendary bird? Which Legendary Pokemon are you hoping to see pop up in the anime next? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!