New Pokemon Journeys Blurb Teases the Premiere of 'Sword and Shield' Arc

Pokemon Journeys teased the arrival of its much-awaited 'Sword and Shield' arc awhile back. Fans [...]

Pokemon Journeys teased the arrival of its much-awaited 'Sword and Shield' arc awhile back. Fans have been looking forward to the story's start as its late October premiere nears. Now, some of the first details about the arc's debut have gone live, and they tease a mysterious phenomenon that is plaguing the Galar region.

Recently, the synopsis for the new arc's first episode went live, and users like Anipoke Fandom shared the translated blurb online. The description tells of Ash's return to the Galar region with Goh after the pair learn things aren't quite right over there.

"One night, Ash spots the Dynamax Band he got from Dende, the strongest Pokemon trainer in the Galar region, start to glow on its own suddenly. Meanwhile, the Galar region has been experiencing a phenomenon where Pokemon Dynamax in places where it is usually impossible for them to do so," the synopsis explains.

Pokemon Journeys Darkest Day Arc Zacian Zamazenta
(Photo: The Pokemon Journeys)

"To solve the mystery, Ash and Goh decide to visit the Galar region and see Professor Magnolia, the leading authority in Dynamax research. But on their way there, the duo gets separated while in a first shrouded by thick mist and encounter some mysterious Pokemon."

As you can see, the first episode will follow Ash and Goh as they learn about the Dynmaxing ordeal and then some. The debut will bring the pair to Slumbering Weald before it wraps, and Ash will be greeted by a mysterious Pokemon. Of course, gamers will know the area since it houses two of Galar's legendary beasts, Zacian and Zamazenta. The fabled monsters will meet Ash and Goh soon before being summoned later to take on Eternatus along with a certain crooked trainer...

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