New Pokemon Synopsis Teases Ash's Losing Streak

Ash Ketchum has been riding a wave of victories following his legendary win in the Alola League Tournament, but in one of the latest episodes of Pokemon Journeys, Ash suffered a big defeat at the hands of Galar Region trainer Bea and it seems as though his loss might be turning into a streak. As both Ash and Goh have been gathering stronger pocket monsters to add to their rosters with each episode, these losses certainly hit home harder considering the victories that Ketchum was able to put under his belt in this current season and the last.

The upcoming episode, titled "Scrawl Out of the Sand Tomb, Ash and Goh", sees the pair of Pokemon trainers reeling from Ash's loss, with Ketchum apparently suffering some big problems in "official Pokemon battles". On top of the psychological problems that Ketchum is dealing with, it also seems as if the stars of Pokemon Journeys will also have to tangle with a Flygon, who seems to have a big role in the future of the anime series. With Ash's ultimate goal to not only be one of the best trainers in the world, but defeat the current champion of the Galar Region in Leon, Ketchum will definitely need to beat his losing streak if he wants a chance to accomplish either of these tasks.

Twitter User AniPokeFandom shared the synopsis for the upcoming episode of Pokemon Journeys that shows that not only is Ash reeling from his loss against Bea, but that a new Flygon is flying its way into the adventures of Ketchum and Goh who might have a big role in the future of the series:

Ash's loss against Bea was one that he needed and it's good to see the ramifications of that as Ketchum was riding a bit too high following his championship win, but it's clear that he still has a long way to go before he can mark himself as the best Pokemon trainer in the world. Rest assured, the eventual battle between Ash and Leon, win or lose, will definitely be one to watch.

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