Pokemon Journeys Promo Teases a New Alola Rivalry

Pokemon Journeys has been doing some truly groundbreaking things since it debuted, and the anime is far from done in that respect. Ash Ketchum has undergone adventures in this new season that fans never dared dream about. Now, it seems the boy is ready to return to Alola shortly, and a new synopsis about the comeback teases a new rivalry for... Kiwae?!

Earlier today, Anipoke Fandom shared a synopsis translation of Pokemon Journeys. The synopsis was translated by the user Dephender on Serebii, and it was there fans learned Kiwae plans to challenge Goh in Alola to see if the boy is worthy of being Ash's traveling partner.

"I want to be acknowledged by Ash's friend. Goh has no choice but to show his prowess in a battle in order to get acknowledged by Kiwae who has battled Ash many times. Will Raboot's moves work against the hot flames that Turtonator emits," the Pokemon Journeys synopsis reads.

pokemon journeys

The blurb goes on to share more information and Kiwae's part in the challenge. The boy is described as Ash's rival from the Alola region, and that is why Kiwae needs to challenge Goh. He knows the boy is green when it comes to training Pokemon, and he wants to be sure Ash will not be held back by Goh. After all, Ash is the reigning champion of the Alola region, and Kiwae will not stand to have his friend's reputation impacted by anyone.

Of course, Ash cares little for that. The hero has made it known his friendship with Goh has nothing to do with the boy's novice rank or legendary dreams. The two are friends because they jive together, and the same can be said for Ash and Kiwae. So while this fight might give Goh and Kiwae something to fixate on, Ash will be happy just having two of his closest pals hanging out together.


What do you think about this upcoming rivalry? Will Goh be able to impress Kiawe... or will the Alola trainer be left disappointed instead? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.