New Pokemon Synopsis Details Gary Oak's Comeback

Pokemon Journeys is getting ready to bring back a large number of old favorites from the decades of stories that the anime has given fans following the journey of Ash Ketchum, with one of the biggest being the rival to Ash in Gary Oak. With the upcoming episode also hinting that Ash will be reunited with the slew of pocket monsters that he has captured over the years, as well as a battle in the works against the trainer Iris, it's clear that Ketchum's current roster will be put to the test as his age-old rival makes a grand return.

Gary Oak is the son of Professor Oak, who made his first appearance during the first episode of Pokemon's anime. Unlike Ash who chooses Pikachu as his starter when the series began decades ago, Gary decided to go with a Squirtle which he was quickly able to evolve into a Blastoise, making him quite the competitor when it came to Pokemon battles. It's been quite some time since last we saw Gary appear, so it will definitely be interesting to see how he has evolved over the course of the story and what Pokemon he has added to his roster for a potential brawl against Ash.

Twitter User Anipoke Fandom released a preview for the upcoming episode of Pokemon Journeys that hints at the return of Gary Oak and gives viewers the idea that Ash and Goh will be attempting to find the ancient Pokemon known as Mew:

Pokemon Journeys has featured Ash and Goh traveling around the world following the former's big win in the Alola Region, capturing some of the strongest pocket monsters that either has ever seen. While we still aren't sure what Pokemon Gary will have under his belt for this potential rematch, we would imagine he has only improved since last we saw him in the anime. While Ash is attempting to defeat Leon, Champion of the Galar Region, it seems he will have a few more roadblocks in his way to accomplishing his goal.


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