Pokemon Journeys Promo Reintroduces Ash's Returning Companions

It has been a long time since Pokemon first hit the screen, and fans are still coming back to the [...]

It has been a long time since Pokemon first hit the screen, and fans are still coming back to the show year after year. These days, the franchise is busy with a new sort of anime that has Ash traveling the globe with his new friend Goh. And after a long wait, fans of Pokemon will get to see Ash reunite with his old allies in an upcoming episode.

The whole thing began when a new trailer for Pokemon Journeys went live, and it showed Ash reunited with several familiar faces. Now, a new synopsis for the show has surfaced, and it gives new details about Ash's old Pokemon. The promo lists some of the trainer's most beloved allies, and fans are loving all the continuity nods.

According to the translation of this new synopsis, Pokemon Journeys is calling Ash's reunion an "absolute must-see" event. It seems like 16 Pokemon are confirmed to show up in this big episode, but that might not be the whole case. After all, the synopsis notes that Ash has more Pokemon outside of this bunch.

When you read the promo above, you can see it gives quick facts about some of Ash's favorite monsters. For instance, Infernape is said to be a monster who "achieved victory in many battles" and sometimes runs wild. Others mentioned include Snorlax, Bayleef, Charizard, and more.

Clearly, Pokemon Journeys is eager to make good on some nostalgia, and there is no better way to evoke such feelings than by revisiting Ash's former companions. The show already did this once when the trainer returned to Alola for a spell, but the effect was muted in part. After all, Ash was in Alola not too long ago, but it has been a while since the boy checked in on Infernape, Charizard, and more. And if we are lucky, maybe Greninja will pop up somewhere with this big reunion?

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