Pokemon: Pikachu and Raichu Square Off in An Epic Pancake Race


Last week's Pokemon Sun and Moon episode rekindled the rivalry between Pikachu and one its most hated adversaries. Ash and Pikachu participated in the "Great Pancake Race", an annual Alolan tradition in which Pokemon and their trainers relay race across Melemele Island carrying a stack of pancakes.

Before competing in the race, Ash and Pikachu met the previous year's winner, a girl named Noa and her Alolan Raichu. Pikachu and Raichu immediately took a dislike to each other, continuing a running theme that's been part of the Pokemon anime since its earliest episode.

Pikachu and Raichu have long disliked each other in the Pokemon anime. Raichu are often portrayed as smug and overconfident in the anime, especially when facing their pre-evolved form in battle. Ash's Pikachu has an even deeper enmity towards Raichu and has resisted evolving for decades to avoid becoming like its hated foe. The new episode confirms that Pikachu's hatred extends to the Alolan Raichu, even with its softer looks and its psychic surfboard tail.

You can see some examples of Pikachu and Raichu's decades-long rivalry below, complete with gritted teeth and plenty of sparks:

So who won the latest battle between Pikachu and Raichu? Well, the race ended with a tie, as both Pikachu and Raichu crossed the finish line moments after Samson Oak's Komala rolled to victory. So, both Pikachu and Raichu were losers, although Pikachu took defeat more gracefully than its evolved counterpart.

Although Pikachu and Raichu reached a stalemate this week, we'll have to see if their rivalry continues in future episodes.