Pokemon Cosplay Brings the Gym Leader Sabrina to Life

One awesome Pokemon cosplay has brought the Saffron City Gym Leader Sabrina to life! The Pokemon [...]

One awesome Pokemon cosplay has brought the Saffron City Gym Leader Sabrina to life! The Pokemon franchise has introduced a ton of memorable Gym Leaders from across its several decade long run, and each new era of the franchise adds to the list of fan favorites. But for many, the Gym Leaders of the very first generation are still some of the most memorable when stacked alongside their successors such as the Psychic Gym Leader Sabrina in Saffron City. This was especially true for how Sabrina's debut in the anime played out as well.

Sabrina offered one of creepier Gym Leader challenges with not only Ash, Brock and Misty's introduction to her psychic power at first, but her defeat ultimately made her memorable as well since Ash recruited a Haunter just for the strange battle that took place. Ever since, fans have been waiting for more of Sabrina and until that actually happens, at least the Gym Leader is living on through some excellent cosplay from @kaezuko.cos on Instagram! Check it out below:

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There's a good chance we'll see Sabrina in action again soon as Pokemon Journeys is currently taking Ash and Goh through every past region of the franchise introduced thus far. Ash has come face to face with not only fan favorite rivals and teammates, but even some familiar Gym Leaders in the past as well. Though Ash's fight in the World Coronation Series, he's had some big rematches from powerful trainers all over the world and is getting ready to take on some other familiar faces soon too.

When Ash broke through a new class in the World Coronation Series in a previous episode of Pokemon Journeys, there was a tease that more Gym Leaders from the past were on the way. Making matters even more intriguing was that Sabrina seemed to be one of the trainers teased in this group as well, so while it has yet to be confirmed, we could actually see Sabrina in the anime again someday!

What do you think of Sabrina? Where does she rank among your favorite Gym Leaders in the Kanto region? Where does she rank among your favorites in the series overall? Are you hoping to see her in action again someday? Let us know all of your thoughts about Sabrina, and everything Pokemon in the comments!