Pokemon's Anime Just Saw Pikachu Defeat Another Legendary

One of the best in-jokes among fans of the Pokemon anime is guessing just how strong Ash's Pikachu [...]

One of the best in-jokes among fans of the Pokemon anime is guessing just how strong Ash's Pikachu is. With the number of battles Pikachu has been a part of over the series' long tenure, there's a chance that it's one of the strongest Pikachus ever. A good support for this argument has been Pikachu's notable victories in the past which include two major Legendary Pokemon. Now Pikachu has added another major victory to his record as the latest episode of the Sun and Moon anime series saw Pikachu take down its third Legendary Pokemon, Gladion's Silvally.

With Ash making it all the way to finals of the Alolan League torunament, he has begun his big match against his rival for this iteration of the series, Gladion. Gladion's got a strong team with two major Legendary Pokemon in tow, and with the help of his new Pokemon Melmetal, Ash's Pikachu managed to secure the victory.

Although Melmetal helped to wear down Silvally, unfortunately it wasn't able to deliver the final blow. This is wear Ash's Pikachu and their ingenuity come into play. As soon as their round begins, Ash uses a quick attack. But Silvally unfortunately can keep up with the speedy Pikachu as is able to counter every one of its moves. To catch Silvally off guard, Ash has Pikachu fire an Electroweb onto the wall in front of it.

Then, Pikachu uses quick attack to bounce off of the web, and the speed gained from the ricochet helped Pikachu deliver an Iron Tail with a greater amount of speed and force. With this, Pikachu had cemented its third victory over a Legendary Pokemon in the anime series.

This has gotten some critiques from fans as the battle seemed too short for many, and it downplays the effort made by Melmetal. This is because they are comparing it to Pikachu's other Legendary victories over Brandon's Regice and the draw against Tobias' Latios, and this one seems smaller in comparison. But with this Legendary victory, the evidence is also seemingly gathering for a possible retiring of Ash's character overall. If that's the case, then the debate over this battle will never end.