Pokemon: Twilight Wings Hypes New Episode with Galarian Ponyta

Pokemon introduced the Galar region to fans last year, and the franchise has been exploring the land with its newest anime. The special Pokemon: Twilight Wings anime has investigated a few of the best characters from Pokemon Sword and Shield. Soon, it will return from an extended break with a new episode, and fans were teased about the comeback with a fan-favorite Pokemon.

And no, we are not talking about Charizard. The monster we are talking about is none other than Galarian Ponyta, and fans are hoping the tease isn't just that. After all, Pokemon fans would be happy to see Ponyta in the anime... even if that means hanging out with Oleana.

Twitter began buzzing when Ponyta showed up in the teaser for the newest episode of Pokemon: Twilight Wings. The official page for the brand confirmed the new episode of the miniseries is debuting on June 4, and it will follow Oleana as she oversees elements of the Galar region. And that apparently includes educating fans on Ponyta.

"There’s never a moment’s rest for Oleana as she works to keep Galar running smoothly," Pokemon shared.


As you can see above, Oleana is shown standing before a projection of Ponyta who is hanging out in the woods. The fairy forest suits the psychic Ponyta perfectly, and it seems like she is giving a presentation on the Pokemon. It sounds like this episode will follow Oleana as she oversees Galar from above, and fans are hoping this Galarian variant avoids her. After all, Oleana is not someone we'd consider a hero, and Ponyta is far too precious to get caught in with her shady shenanigans.

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