Pokemon Journeys Hypes Comeback with New Episode Promo

Pokemon Journeys has been out of commission for some time now due to the COVID-19 outbreak, but it turns out the show is ready to make a comeback. It was announced this past weekend that Pokemon will come back to the air at the start of June, and fans around the world are celebrating the news. And to get fans more excited about the event, Pokemon Journeys went ahead and released a promo for its upcoming episode.

Over on Twitter, the official Pokemon page confirmed its next episode would air on June 7 following its extended break. The episode will follow Ash and Goh as they go on a safari-like adventure, but things will get out of hand when some rather powerful monsters show up.

According to the preview, some familiar Pokemon from the first generation will show up in this episode like Arbok, Scyther, and Oddish. However, other Pokemon will show up as a storm approaches... but one will not be to Ash's liking. After all, Golurk is a fine Pokemon most of the time, but the ancient monster will cause problems when he hulks out in this upcoming episode.

Of course, Pokemon fans are happy to see this episode get a release date, and it will be good to see Ash return to the small screen. It will not be long before other episodes are brought to air, and synopses for the releases have already gotten fans excited. After all, Korrina is meant to show up in an upcoming episode, and then Sobble will appear not long after that. It sounds like there are only good things to come for Pokemon Journeys this year, so here's to hoping the anime avoids any future hiatuses as COVID-19 continues causing production delays within the industry.

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