Pokemon: Twilight Wings Shares New Promo Starring Allister

Pokemon has been on its top game this year when it comes to anime. Despite a brief hiatus earlier [...]

Pokemon has been on its top game this year when it comes to anime. Despite a brief hiatus earlier this year, Pokemon Journeys has carved out a solid fanbase while proving itself to be one of the series' best seasons yet. Pokemon: Twilight Wings has also kept fans on their toes its gorgeous episodes, and a promo has gone live teasing Allister's role in the next episode.

Over on Twitter, the official Pokemon page teased fans with their first-look at Allister's big comeback. The gym leader will star in his very own episode of Pokemon: Twilight Wings on July 2. The big episode has got fans curious as little is known about Allister, but the Ghost-type trainer has his fans nevertheless.

For those unfamiliar with the guy, the young gym leader only appeared in Pokemon Shield. The exclusive Ghost-type trainer replaced Bea as a gym leader, and he oversaw his arena with ghostly grace. The trainer might be young, but their supernatural presence and army of Ghost-type Pokemon make them a certifiable threat to any trainer.

While little is known about Allister's history, his League Card does give some information on him. He is said to have become a gym leader at a very young age and never takes off his mask in public; In fact, he has dozens of extra masks just in case the one he is wearing should break. Allister is also described as having the ability to see deceased Ghost-type Pokemon which cannot be verified. However, he did suffer an accident at four-years-old that changed him forever.

Hopefully, fans will learn more about Allister with this new episode of Pokemon: Twilight Wings. The trainer is one who fans are anxious to learn about, and given how well this anime has been received, netizens have high hopes for this upcoming episode.

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