Pokemon Journeys Catches Fans Up with Anime in New Recap Video

Pokemon Journeys has recently landed in North America thanks to its arrival on the streaming [...]

Pokemon Journeys has recently landed in North America thanks to its arrival on the streaming service of Netflix, and the franchise has given fans the opportunity to catch up with the anime that came before it in Pokemon Sun And Moon, which saw Ash Ketchum continuing his quest to become one of the greatest trainers in the world in a tropical setting. With Ash now joined by his new pal Go, Sun And Moon had a completely different supporting cast that assisted Ketchum in his bid to win the Alola League Tournament!

The Alola League Tournament was a big turning point for the life of Ash Ketchum, the eternally young protagonist of the Pokemon anime series, with Pokemon Sun And Moon giving us Ash's first win as a Pokemon trainer. Though it took dozens of episodes for Ash to finally win the championship, we were able to explore Ash's adventures through the Alola League Region that introduced numerous new pocket monsters and a ton of new characters that both aided, and hampered, Ketchum's quest. Pokemon Journeys used its predecessor as a perfect spring board for its tale, giving Ash what is essentially a "victory lap" following his first championship win as a part of the Alola League.

Pokemon posted the several minutes long primer that recaps the events that took place during Pokemon Sun And Moon, following alongside Ash Ketchum as he was animated in a new art style while exploring the tropical climate of the Alola Region:

Pokemon Journeys has focused on Ash and Go capturing some of the strongest pocket monsters around, making good use of Ketchum's new status as a world champion. Though the latest anime series was delayed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, this hasn't stopped the latest season from hitting the news thanks in part to its timely arrival onto Netflix for North American audiences?

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