Pokemon Journeys Slips in Hilarious Easter Egg with Latest Episode

Pokemon Journeys swung back this month with a comeback following a months-long hiatus. The [...]

Pokemon Journeys swung back this month with a comeback following a months-long hiatus. The outbreak of COVID-19 forced the show to take a break, but its team returned to work as soon as it was safe. Its comeback finally brought Korrina back to TV was the beloved gym trainer appeared in the most recent episode of Pokemon Journeys, but some fans may have missed one of the best jokes in the episode.

For those who missed the comeback, Pokemon brought out its A-game when Korrina returned to the anime. The gym leader is on the same path as Ash Ketchum as they work to enter the Pokemon World Championships. The pair needs enough points to enter the tournament, so it falls to them to battle each other after a long time.

Of course, it was great to see Korrina return with Lucario, and the partner has gotten even stronger since their X & Y debut. The Pokemon is shown powering up into its Mega Evolution, and one of its biggest attacks literally sends a fan in the stands flying.

You can check out the clip above as Lucario prepares its big move. While taking on Dragonite, Korrina's partner blasts out two attacks to cancel out wind sent by Dragonite. The fallout is quick to slam into the audience as people are buffeted by the wind. The wind is so strong that it blows one kid out of his seat as the boy can be seen flying off-screen.

The blink-and-miss-it moment may not have caught your eye the first time around, but it is hard to miss here. We are hoping the kid was fine after the ordeal, but he can take pride in knowing he handled the attack well. After all, it isn't every day a trainer can say they lived to tell a tale like this!

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