Pokemon XY Anime to Stream Free on Pokemon TV Soon

Pokemon fans have had a lot of different things coming down the pike from the recently released series of Pokemon: Journeys on Netflix and the DLC that has been added to the Nintendo Switch exclusive video game of Pokemon: Sword and Shield and now fans will have the opportunity to revisit classic events of the series as Pokemon XY arriving for free! Arriving in the form of the seventeenth (!) season of the long running franchise, XY took Ash Ketchum on his continuing quest to becoming one of the greatest Pokemon trainers in the world to the region of Kalos.

Ash definitely had a number of new creatures that were added to his roster of pocket monsters, with the most popular being one of the trademarks of Kalos in Greninja. With the shadowy, secretive Pokemon having made big appearances in the live action Pokemon: Detective Pikachu movie, and even becoming a character in the popular Switch game of Super Smash Brothers Ultimate! Aside from this ninja monster, Ash also caught the likes of Goodra, Talonflame, Noivern, and Hawlucha. While Kalos didn't give Ash Ketchum a win when it ultimately came to the Pokemon Tournament of this region, it did improve his skills and added some powerful new monsters to his library of Pokemon!

The Official Pokemon Twitter Account shared the big news drop that Pokemon The Series: XY, would be made available to fans starting this Friday, August 7th, for free on the Pokemon TV Mobile App, taking us back to a time where Ash had yet to win a Tournament Championship:

Over the course of Ash Ketchum's quest, he has not held onto all of his pocket monsters throughout each adventure, sometimes letting them go to live out their lives in the wild or sending them back to Professor Oak to live a life free of battles. With Pikachu being the one creature that always has Ash's back, it will be interesting to see which pocket monsters from the Galar Region that Ketchum has caught that he'll let loose.


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