Pokemon Journeys Shares Brand-New Episode Title

Pokemon Journeys is heading out new episodes weekly, and it has got a good number of hits on its hand. The show promised to shake up the franchise's rubric into something more exciting, and fans admit the show has done just that. Now, fans have an idea of what's coming for Pokemon Journeys as a new episode title has surfaced online.

Over on Serebii, fans were given a heads up about one of the anime's incoming episodes. Pokemon Journeys will bring episode 36 to fans in a matter of weeks as it is slated to premiere on September 6. Now, its title has been shared, and it promises to take Ash and Goh to a desert... in the middle of somewhere.

The episode title is "Crawl Out of the Sand Tomb, Ash and Goh!". The simple title packs plenty of drama, and fans are trying to tease its contents out. So far, there is no word on where this sand tomb might be located, but fans are willing to guess it is in a desert of sorts.

Pokemon Journeys Ash Ketchum New Catch
(Photo: The Pokemon Company)

Of course, Ash and Goh have traveled through one desert already, so they might return to Unova. Of course, fans are hoping the pair will opt for a change in scenery. Hoenn makes for a good choice or even Sinnoh. It would make a lot of sense for this to take place in Alola, but netizens feel sure the region is being ignored for the moment. After all, the season preceding Pokemon Journeys was set entirely in Alola, so it tracks for the anime's crew to explore different locales for awhile. This means Ash and Goh could run into this fabled sand tomb anywhere, and that means they could run into just about anybody while down there!

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