Kodansha Comics Expands Simulpublishing to New Service

Kodansha Comics houses some of the best series in the manga industry, and it seems fans will be [...]

Kodansha Comics houses some of the best series in the manga industry, and it seems fans will be able to access those titles in a new way soon. A new report seems to confirm the publisher's intent to simulpublish new chapters of select series on yet another service. This expansion will make it easier than ever to take in Kodansha stories.

The information comes from Anime News Network which learned about the expansion firsthand. The site announced Kodansha will simulpublish manga on Comixology starting this month. It will also allow Comixology Unlimited users to access even more manga from Kodansha's vault at no additional cost.


There is no official count of which manga will be available on Comixology, but fans have a good idea. Kodansha currently simulpublishes a select number of titles such as Attack on Titan, Edens Zero, Domestic Girlfriend, Space Brothers, and more. These are some of the publisher's most popular series, so it is likely that they will be pushed to Comixology as part of this expansion.

This is not the first time Kodansha has worked to do simulpublishing. It currently pushes its simultaneous catalog to sites like Crunchyroll, BookWalker, and Amazon Kindle. These sites require various levels of membership just as the Comixology perk does. So if you are trying to get more manga in your life, Kodansha is about to make that even easier for you!

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