'Ready Player One' Stuns With A Surprise 'Godzilla' Battle

If you tried to count all of the easter eggs in Ready Player One, you would be in trouble. The [...]

If you tried to count all of the easter eggs in Ready Player One, you would be in trouble. The film features more licenses than any film to date, and Steve Spielberg's ambitious adaptation puts each one of them to use. Still, some easter eggs in the film are easier to spot than others, and it is impossible to overlook this monstrous nod.

After all, it isn't like you can just ignore Mechagodzilla when the towering beast is screaming in your face.

Yes, Ready Player One did the impossible and managed to work in the story's climatic battle with Mechagodzilla. The famous monster may not be as iconic as its atomic cousin, but the Toho creation was plenty fierce in Ready Player One.

The surprise battle was kept secret since it avoided any trailer spotlighting, so fans were caught unaware by its arrival. The skirmish kicked off with the head of IOI gets ready to fight against the hoard of players wanted to stop the Sixers from beating Halliday's final challenge. To keep the army busy, Nolan Sorrento dons a mysterious glove that is said to turn its user into a giant monster — and it did just that.

As fans saw, Sorrento's avatar was suited up in a massive metal Mechagodzilla suit. The armor gave the baddie every chance to fight, but the kaiju didn't go unchallenged for long. After a few tense moments, Daito came diving from Firefly's Serenity and unleashed a mecha suit of his own: a Gundam.

So, yes — Ready Player One sees the RX-78-2 go up against Mechagodzilla. Can you hear fans freaking out or what?

If you are not familiar with Mechagodzilla, then you should know the character isn't a new one. The futuristic beast dates back to Godzilla vs Mecha Godzilla from 1974. The character has since appeared in several other films with its last outing having taken place in 2003.

Godzilla fans will know Mechagodzilla has one complicated history. The character was made to be a more serious villain for the iconic franchise, and its design was based on popular mecha anime titles like Mobile Suit Gundam. The villain has gone through a few iterations as Mechagodzilla had been turned into an alien project, a U.N. counter-measure, and more. The next time fans see Mechagodzilla, it will be in an anime rather than a live-action Hollywood blockbuster. Toho's next Godzilla anime feature plans to pit the metal monster against its atomic counterpart when it drops later this year.

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