Rick and Morty's Vat of Acid Episode Was More than Just the Vat

Rick and Morty's fourth season is now midway through its final five episodes, and the series is now in full swing with the Vat of Acid episode. The fourth season has been slowly splintering and parodying various genres in its own meta way before eventually aiming the camera at itself with the midseason premiere. This self-examination of the series continues as Rick and Morty are beginning to grow even more tired than one another, and are starting to call attention to all of the more divisive adventures the two have had over the course of the series.

This episode was a lot less jam packed than the previous two, but it certainly had a genius core concept. Here's a breakdown of everything that happened in the latest wild episode of Rick and Morty Season 4! Let us know how you felt about it in the comments:

  • Rick and Morty head to a seedy looking factory as Morty complains about how Rick is basically setting himself up for a doublecross. He's a little over these shenanigans at this point, and Rick tells him that he planted a fake vat of acid in the factory for them to jump into. Morty complains still, but Rick wants to prove to him that he's doing worthwhile things.
  • Doing cede trade, Rick and Morty do end up jumping into the fake vat of acid that he had prepared before. The two of them then sit at the bottom of the vat and release fake bones in order to trick those who were shooting at them. The cronies themselves decide to take time and let it all settle, meaning Rick and Morty are stuck in the vat until they can safely escape from the cronies.
  • After some more delay, Morty gets fed up with waiting and he and Rick eventually kill the cronies. Morty is angry at Rick's failure, and he and Rick begin arguing over some of their faulty ideas over the latest season such as the Pickle Rick and dragon episodes. Morty mentions how he's constantly pitching ideas, but Rick shoots them down.
  • The argument devolves into whether or not Rick could do these wild ideas, and Rick then decides to angrily craft one of Morty's ideas -- a video game like device that saves a point in time like a save point he could revisit. Soon, Rick reveals that he actually can't make the device and is in a slump. But this was all a fake out.
  • Killing Morty, Rick reveals that he completed the save point device and sends Morty to have fun with it. Morty then goes to school and pulls his teacher's pants down, realizing he could do anything. Then going to Jessica, he tries to talk to her but is more successful the second time when he's more aloof. Morty then tries out this device at various other places such as trying all the ice cream flavors at a shop.
  • He eventually uses this device to forge an entire relationship with a new girlfriend, a falling out, a planned trip, and more. But then his plane crashes on a mountain, and he's stuck with his new girlfriend and more for a few days. They go through some pretty harsh and hilariously dark times, and tries to use the save point device. But he's so frozen over that he calls for rescue.
  • Jerry ends up pushing the button by mistake, and Morty eventually then fails at dating his former love interest several times before using the device to try and kill himself. He eventually learns to grow and live with consequences. Rick hilariously reveals that the button did have consequences in that Morty actually did all the things he restarted.
  • He burned through all of his alternate selves, and Rick did this as a way to punish him for not explaining his device. This all comes from Morty's criticism of the fake vat, and then Morty decides to fuse all the probabilities to restore Morty to before he killed all the other timelines of himself. When the world comes crashing down on Morty to punish him for everything he's done, Rick tells him to use the fake vat of acid to fake his death.

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