Rick and Morty Reveals Why It Isn't Revisiting Past Storylines

Rick and Morty revealed in its latest episode why it hasn't been revisiting older storylines. “Promortyous” had the titular duo finding themselves on a planet of face-hugger like those from the Aliens franchise. During the episode, Rick mentions that there's plenty of stories that they could tell about the Purge Planet or Gear World. The problem is that fans wouldn't like them. Rick and Morty plot their big escape from the planet, but they're forced to double back when they realize they'd forgotten something. They'd left Earth and Summer and completely forgot because of the alien parasites. They were gone for around a day, but that gave them lots of time to get stuff done using the alien perception of time.

However, it would stand to reason that the creatures are more than a little miffed to see the scientist and his grandson again. When Rick and Morty decided to blow that popsicle stand, they went out with a bang. In true to character fashion, they caused as much collateral damage as possible. That means shooting ships out of the air, blowing holes in structures, and a delightful riff on warp-skipping in the Star Wars franchise. (There’s a line-stepping joke about Pearl Harbour in there as well…) But, when they get home to the breakfast table, Beth wants to know what the heck happened to her daughter, so, back to the face-hugger planet the duo goes.

Upon their re-entry they employ some pretty sick mech suits. (I too enjoy Ronin Warriors on occasion.) So, after laying waste to hordes of the aliens, Rick and Morty discover that Summer is ostensibly their leader. Her grandfather jokes that she couldn’t have been too bad off because Summer has a freaking cape. She devises a scheme for all of them to sneak away. But, in true Rick and Morty fashion, it goes sideways quickly and basically everyone on the planet dies. There’s really no moral for the story except for the fact that people can kind of be terrible sometimes.

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