Rick and Morty Reveals What Happens When Rick Actually Replaces Morty

Rick and Morty reveals what happens when Rick actually replaces Morty with the final episodes of [...]

Rick and Morty reveals what happens when Rick actually replaces Morty with the final episodes of Season 5! The fifth season of the series has been fairly light on huge canonical shifts that fans were hoping to see following the events of the fourth season finale, but that changed with the first of Season 5's final two episodes as it pulled on one of the major strings that had been developing over the course of the season. Fans saw as Rick and Morty were separating from one another, and the fifth season finally made good on this promise.

The ninth episode of the season, "Forgetting Sarick Mortshall," began with the titular duo arguing over the fact that Morty has been using Rick's portal gun and tried to replace the fluid. With Rick being so angry at this, Morty then presses him on this and gets Rick to replace him. With Rick being so theatrical, he ends up doing so with two crows to wild results.

Rick and Morty Season 5 Rick Replaces Morty
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It's apparent that a Rick without Morty has really nothing holding himself back from a strange adventure, and this is exactly what happens when he ends up working with the two crows. When he tries to get rid of them, he ends up heading to a world full of sentient crows that come back to Earth and find out that he ridiculed the idea of intelligent crows in the first place. This leads them to anger all the crows in their immediate area.

As for Morty, he ends up going on a much darker path. After he spills some of the portal fluid on his hand, he ends up meeting another person who ended up spilling some fluid on his thigh. After Morty met up with him (and found out he was living in an mental facility), Morty finds this person is causing far more chaos than Rick ever did with him. At the same time, Rick's crows almost end up betraying him too until he realizes how toxic his and Morty's relationship really was.

Through all of this, the two of them realize how much they actually mean to one another. At the same time, they find out that they have an abusive codependency that only makes them much more worse off for one another. This leads to the final moments of the episode where Rick then decides to leave Morty behind for good, for real this time as he teams up with the two crows.

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