Rick And Morty Fan Shares Tour Of Transformed Wendy's

Rick And Morty's Fifth Season has been well received among Adult Swim fans, with Cartoon Network forging a relationship with the fast-food restaurant, Wendy's, not just to include a new brand of soda honoring the Smith family, but give one particular establishment a big makeover that added a definitive flair to the restaurant. While the wait to be a part of the Drive-Thru to this unique Rick And Morty-themed Wendy's was quite long for a number of patrons, it's apparent from the video that shows off the decorations that it was definitely worth it for those looking for a quick bite.

The fifth season of Rick And Morty saw the Smith Family struggling with the arrival of Mr. Nimbus, the lord of the seas, and the police who had gained the title of Rick Sanchez's Nemesis. As Morty attempted to have a night alone with his crush Jessica, the youngest member of the Smith Clan found himself dragged into a ridiculously horrifying situation where an entire civilization was attempting to eliminate him thanks to the numerous mistakes that Morty had made in trying to grab some bottles of wine. With the earlier trailers for this latest season showing the series poking fun at the likes of Voltron and Hellraiser, it's clear that the creation of Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland will continue to venture into new, hilarious territory.

Tik Tok User It's Andreaae shared the tour of the Rick And Morty themed Wendy's, driving her car through the Drive-Thru in order to give Adult Swim fans a look into what all the wait was for with the restaurant that had been re-made in California to reflect the popular, surreal series:


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Though Wendy's recently went to great lengths in their partnership with Adult Swim, the fast-food chain also made the rounds on social media thanks to their bizarre reference to DC Comics' Watchmen, which had many fans simultaneously scratching their heads and laughing as they tried to wrap their minds around the insane crossover.

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