Rick and Morty Season 5 Premiere Makes Big Change to Morty and Jessica's Relationship

Rick and Morty's fifth season premiere made a big change to Morty and Jessica's on and off again [...]

Rick and Morty's fifth season premiere made a big change to Morty and Jessica's on and off again relationship! What began as a simple crush from Morty in the first season of the series has sense gotten some interesting wrinkles as the series continued through its previous four seasons. The newest season of the series even took this further and made it seem like Jessica could potentially reciprocate his feelings, and the fifth season premiere cemented this by having Morty finally go for it and ask Jessica out on a date before the wild chaos of the episode itself begun.

With the two of them finally having time to go on a date, the fifth season premiere took the duo to the next level and then broke them up towards the end. As Morty struggled against an entirely different dimension at different points in time in order to get Jessica (and Rick's nemesis Mr. Nimbus some wine) some wine, some time shenanigans end up seeing Jessica realize the fruitlessness of it all and sees her going off to become a time god all on her own.

Rick and Morty Season 5 Spoilers Morty Jessica Kiss Time God
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While the main crux of the story seemingly was going to focus on Rick and his nemesis, the fifth season premiere was actually all about how Morty was willing to destroy an entire civilization for generations just for the opportunity to advance his date with Jessica. After finally getting some alone time for the two of them to try and pursue the crush he's had for years, Morty instead sees Jessica trapped within a prism of time.

Following her rescue from the time portal, Jessica reveals that she was basically awake and kept in a stasis for thousands and thousands of years. Watching civilizations rise and fall, Jessica realized how small and insignificant her previous self really was. With her basically becoming a time god, Jessica tells Morty that the two of them should just be friends. Morty remarks that they missed their moment, but she states there will be many more for the two of them.

This is a significant shift in Jessica's character as it's the first real time that she's actively made an impact on the series' story, and now that Morty has been turned down, Morty is free from the crush (that he nearly died for in the previous season) and is now geared up to pursue new interests romantic or otherwise. But what did you think of this change for Morty and Jessica? Curious to see what it means for Morty's future this season? Let us know your thoughts in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!