Rick and Morty Releases New Season 5 Trailer

Rick and Morty has released a new trailer for Season 5! Fans have become too accustomed to long [...]

Rick and Morty has released a new trailer for Season 5! Fans have become too accustomed to long waits in between new seasons of the series, so when the fourth season wrapped its final few episodes last year fans were ready to wait for the long haul for the next one. It was surprisingly confirmed earlier this year that the fifth season would be making its return later this Summer. With the fifth season confirmed for its big return, Adult Swim has taken the time to debut a brand new trailer for the upcoming season.

Celebrating the upcoming premiere of the new season with a special marathon going back through Season 4's slate of episodes, Rick and Morty has given us another close look at the fifth season of the series. This picks up where the first trailer for the fifth season left off with some much deeper looks at the pop culture teases from that first season. Check it out in the video above!

Rick and Morty will be officially returning to Adult Swim with Season 5 of the series on June 20th. It's currently unclear as to how many episodes it will be coming back with (such as whether or not it will be divided into two batches of five like the fourth season of the series), but this newest trailer is a clear indication that we'll be seeing full parodies of pop culture mainstays such as Voltron, Marvel superheroes and more.

While all of this is fine and dandy, what many are hoping to see explored is the new addition to the series with the end of the fourth season. That finale saw Beth's clone (dubbed "Space Beth" by the fandom) return to Earth, and now the series could jump off by exploring this new addition to the dynamic with this addition. It seems to be on the staff's mind as well.

In interviews and panels leading up to the new season, Rick and Morty's team has teased they are already working on the sixth and seventh seasons of the series. They also teased there would be some new "epic canon" that fans could chew on, so that's another major reason to be excited alongside all of the wackiness teased in the trailer!

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