Primitive Skate Shares First-Look at Sailor Moon Boards

Sailor Moon has appeared on a ton of merchandise throughout the years, easily proving that this anime franchise is one of the most popular Shojo series in the world, and now, skateboard fans can shred their way across landscapes and parks with the power of the Sailor Scouts at their feet. Primitive Skate is a skateboard company that specializes in creating "decks" that use characters from some of the biggest anime characters on their boards, such as Dragon Ball Super, Naruto, and even some American Comic Book characters such as Marvel's The Punisher!

Like so many other anime franchises in the world, Sailor Moon itself was effected by the coronavirus pandemic, with the film for Sailor Moon Eternal having to be postponed as a result of a majority of theaters having to shut their doors in order to "flatten the curve". With the film now set to be released in 2021, the franchise had to even postpone an ice show, Sailor Moon Prism on Ice, which featured a two time Olympic medal winner skater playing the titular role in Evgenia Medvedeva! Besides these hiccups, the franchise has marched forward with the aforementioned merchandising, as well as releasing a number of their seasons on Youtube for fans to watch for free at their leisure!

Primitive Skate shared the look at the, now sold out, deck that features Sailor Moon, who is also joined by the other Sailor Scouts from the company that specializes in creating skateboards that highlight some of the biggest movers and shakers within the world of anime:

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Sailor Moon first debuted with its manga series in 1991, running for 18 volumes, and getting an anime adaptation the following year in 1992 from Toei Animation, the same big studio behind the likes of Dragon Ball Super and One Piece! While there have been no rumors about a new television series that either acts as a sequel or a reboot to the original adventures of the Sailor Scouts, the upcoming film that will drop next year is highly anticipated by fans of the series!

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