JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Artist Gives Sailor Moon a Joestar Makeover

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure has a very distinct art style, and it seems one of its key animators has taken time to overlay that style with a beloved shojo series. After all, you cannot get more shojo than Sailor Moon, so Kohei Ashiya has given Usagi a proper Joestar makeover.

The artwork was released on Twitter through Ashiya's personal page. The animator, who is best known for their work on JoJo, took part in the viral Sailor Moon Redraw challenge going around social media. And as you can imagine, fans are loving this odd take on the one named Sailor Moon.

As you can see below, Ashiya based his artwork off the Sailor Moon still to the right. The heroine looks like a right shojo lead in the still, but Usagi takes after Jolyne Kujo in his redraw. The green lips are a dead giveaway of the makeover, and the same goes for her hair. Sailor Moon is known for her blond hair, but Ashiya gave it a lime-green hue here.

Looking at the artwork above, you can see how intense this JoJo makeover really is. From its defined angles to its bold shading, this art looks nothing like the kind which Sailor Moon is known for. The shojo series would be a very different one today if it did look like JoJo, and fans are glad the two anime have kept separate. But thanks to Ashiya and his keen eye for art, fans can imagine what Sailor Moon might have been like if it were penned by Hirohiko Araki rather than Naoko Takeuchi. So if we are lucky, fans will get to see the rest of the Sailor Scouts transformed into JoJo heroines and maybe even Damien too!

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