Sanrio Is Developing Its Own Live-Action TV Show

Sanrio, the brand behind Hello Kitty and Friends, is developing its own live-action TV series.

Sanrio has been around the block time and again over the decades. The brand oversees some of the world's cutest mascots as everyone from Hello Kitty to Kuromi are under its thumb. In recent years, these icons have stepped out on screen with web-shows and TV series. And now, a new report confirms Sanrio is working on a special live-action TV series.

The update comes from Sanrio's Bosanimal line. The characters have been steadily growing on fans thanks to its anime, but now Bosanimals is moving to the live-action realm. The series is set to debut on Fuji TV's VOD service this fall, and it will see actress Mone Kamishiraishi voice Sakura.

If you are not familiar with this Sanrio mascot line, it is different from the Hello Kitty and Friends brand. This new line focuses on a cute pink bunny named Sakura and her friends Cathy the Cat and Ran the Hamster. Created in 2021, this Sanrio line has lived in the shadow of Hello Kitty's global shadow, but it is now making a name for itself. After all, its Fuji TV anime is popular with young viewers in Japan, so hopefully the Bosanimal gang will get to meet guys like Cinnamoroll soon.

This upcoming TV series is just one of many Sanrio has helped bring to life as of late. The company has a long-running relationship with Netflix as the service houses series like Aggretsuko, Gudetama, and more. The kawaii brand has also rolled out anime series and shorts for Kuromi, Cinnamoroll, Hello Kitty, and even its own Sanrio Boys. With a live-action Hollywood film in the works, it seems the brand's notoriety is only growing, so the Bosanimal gang is due for the spotlight now. 

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