Attack on Titan Reveals New Sanrio Collaboration

Attack on Titan is back in the headlines this year, and we have its series finale to thank. If you did not know, the debut of Attack on Titan season 4 part 4 kickstarted the beginning of the anime's end. Later this year, the Attack on Titan anime will release its final episode, but it has some things to do before then. It turns out Eren made a few commitments, and one of them involves Sanrio's most relatable lazy egg.

Yes, you read that right. Attack on Titan is teaming up with Sanrio's Gudetama for a collaboration. The event will kick off in Japan shortly, and we got some adorable promo art in celebration of the tie-in.

As you can see above, Gudetama has become best friends with the stars of Attack on Titan. Eren is seen chilling with the cute egg while Mikasa has gone so far as to wrap Gudetama in her red scarf. We can see Armin lounging with Gudetama in his arms while he lays down, and Hangs is actually experimenting with the egg's viscous body. And to wrap things up, Levi got his own moment with Gudetama as the egg is nestled in the crook of his scout's cape.

Clearly, this Attack on Titan tie-in is stupidly cute, and Gudetama is doing the team proud. After all, the stars of Attack on Titan have been rushing to and fro since we met them. Gudetama knows how to relax and laze around better than anyone, so they were born to teach others to do the same. And judging by how cozy Armin looks here, we'd say he is ready to take a lazy vacation.

Of course, all of the Attack on Titan heroes are on an actual break right now. Season 4 dropped the first half of the anime's finale weeks ago, and Studio MAPPA is hard at work on the rest of the special. Later this year, Attack on Titan season 4 part 4 will round out its releases with a bang. So if you want to see how Attack on Titan closes, you can look forward to the anime's final episode going live in a few months. 

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